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My Whole Life

I was born to reflect the image of a God who is powerful enough to create my universe, attentive enough to hear my prayers and loving enough to be defined by self-sacrifice. I find my greatest fulfillment on a journey toward purpose and wholeness.

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Seventh-day Adventists accept the Bible as the only source of our beliefs. We consider our movement to be the result of the Protestant conviction Sola Scriptura—the Bible as the only standard of faith and practice for Christians. Over the...

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Church in the mountains (Sept 5)

Aug, 30 2015

Join the Corrales SDA Church for Sabbath Worship at the Jemez Falls on September 5, 2015. Services will start around 10:30am. The Corrales Church will be closed September 5. If you can’t go to “Church in the Mountains,” the Rio Rancho Church at 1351 19th Ave, SE is available. Directions to Jemez Falls:... Read More

Live concert—Os Arrais

Jun, 19 2015

Os Arrais is the name given to the duo consisted of Tiago Arrais and Andre Arrais. There concert will be held June 19, 2015 at 7:30pm at Corrales SDA Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Tiago Arrais is currently finishing his PHD in Religion (Old Testament/Philosophy) at Andrews University and will be... Read More

Upcoming Women’s Ministry Workshop

May, 30 2015

What ingredients go into a successful Women’s Ministry? Please consider attending a special workshop at Corrales Seventh-day Adventist Church on June 13th, 2015 from 3:00-6:30pm conducted by Raquel Arrias, Associate Director for Women’s Ministries at the General Conference.  Raquel is the wife of Pastor Jonas Arrais who... Read More

Church in the Mountains and baptism in the Jemez River

May, 30 2015

Join the Corrales SDA Church for Sabbath Worship at the Jemez Falls on June 20. There will be an informal, interactive worship service starting around 10:30 am with singing followed by a devotional sermon by the Pastor and a number of baptisms in the Jemez River. After the services we will be... Read More

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