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10 Days of Prayer 2018

During Ten Days of Prayer 2018 we will study what the Bible says about priestly garments

10 Days of Prayer 2018

During Ten Days of Prayer 2018, we will examine the apparel of the Old Testament high priest to see what we can learn for our lives. It will be a time of prayer, song, and Bible study each night from 6:30-7:30 starting on the 10 of January and ending on the 19th. Various church members will present the topics listed below.

Wednesday, January 10 - The Anointing Oil
Thursday, January 11 - Holiness unto the Lord
Friday, January 12, - Bare Feet
Saturday, January 13 - The Robe
Sunday, January 14 - The Ephod
Monday, January 15 - The Girdle
Tuesday, January 16 - The Breastplate
Wednesday, January 17 - Urim and Thummim
Thursday, January 18 - The Bells and Pomegranates
Friday, January 19 - The Censer

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