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Pastor Andre Arrais Background and Calling

Background and Philosophy of Ministry

Pastor Andre Arrais Background and Calling

Background and Philosophy of Ministry

I am a native Brazilian born and raised in the Adventist Church. Ministry is in my blood. My grandfather is a retired pastor, both my parents are pastors and my brother is a pastor. My call to pastoral ministry came while I was in my last year of Law School. Since then, I have been preparing myself as much as I can to fulfill God’s calling in my life. I have been gifted with a wonderful wife, who happens to be a pastor’s kid too. Together we have accepted God’s challenge to serve wherever He leads.

My philosophy of ministry focuses on three major spheres: community, education and outcome.

The Community Sphere - encapsulates the social aspect of the Christian walk, but it doesn’t limit itself to the mere gathering of people. Community has to do with fellowship and unity, with what it means to be a body in the biblical concept of the body of Christ.

The Education Sphere - has to do with the content that both gathers and nourishes the community. A community needs to learn how to understand and love Scripture. It needs to be educated into a mindset that will lead them to the comprehension that God’s saving work in their life is not an end in itself, but a means by which God can reach others.

Finally, I have added outcome instead of evangelism, because I believe that when a strong community is built and is educated with the correct mindset, evangelism and the fulfillment of God’s mission for the Church will be the inevitable result. A community well educated will have a passion in meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those around them, but also, in being a voice, proclaiming Jesus soon return to a world in need of hope.

My Call to Ministry

My call to ministry was slow but progressive. I have always enjoyed being in church and being part of the church. I come form a ministerial family. Both of my parents are pastors, my older brother is a pastor, my maternal grandfather is a retired pastor and my paternal grandfather worked all his life as a colporteur. However, when the time came after high school to choose a major, I decided to go to Law School, which was the area of study that I found be best fit for me. It never crossed my mind to study theology.

Despite being a baptized SDA, I lived my first 3 years of Law School as a lukewarm Christian, always doing the minimum. I was a SDA by name only, but not by heart and attitude. However, after a week of prayer that took place at our University, I decided to start reading my Bible more intentionally. I made a commitment to read the whole Bible alongside the Spirit of Prophecy, and sometimes even the SDA Bible Commentary. This Bible reading journey changed me completely. I fell in love for the first time with God’s Word and I simply couldn’t keep it to myself. I would be constantly sharing with friends what I had been learning. It came to a point in which I was spending more time with the Bible than I was with my law books. I started to sense that God was speaking to me and calling me to be a minister. This perception of the Holy Spirit speaking to me became stronger and stronger.

I decided to start working at a local SDA church as a volunteer, as a way for me to be sure that this was indeed my calling. It didn’t take me much time working there to realize that that was indeed my call. Everything I did there brought joy to me, but specially, a sense that I was fulfilling God’s purpose for my life. In my first Sabbath at the church, I walked through the neighborhood and arranged about 7 Bible Studies alongside a friend that I recruited. I spent that year working as a Bible Worker and a Sabbath School teacher for that church. It was without a doubt a foundational step in my call to ministry. I couldn’t wait to go to Andrews University and start my studies. As soon as I finished Law School that year of 2009, I got married and started my MDiv degree in the summer of 2010.

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