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June 2020 Edition

Church Newsletter


June 6
Pastor Andre Arrais

June 13
Pastor Andre Arrais

June 20
Pastor Andre Arrais

June 27
Pastor Andre Arrais


June 2 - Catherine Zarate
June 4 - Cheri Blue
June 6 - Elizabeth Whetsell
June 7 - Travis Bakewell
June 8 - Raul Avila
June 10 - Barbara Martinez
          Sadie Tarbox
June 12 - Gyla Tipgos
June 16 - Yaritza Ramirez-Robles
June 23 - Ashley Leighton
June 26 - Ivy Causey
June 29 - Cindy Trujillo


Luke 13:28-25

Do not expect immediate results. The kingdom of God develops progressively, and on its own time. 
What makes us part of the kingdom is not familiarity with Jesus, but a responsive attitude towards Jesus. It’s not performance, but genuine fruits.
The narrow gate is Jesus Christ and His grace. The narrow gate is the Gospel. The narrow gate is kingdom living.

Luke 14:1-24

We are called to be HUMBLE. And being humble means that:

We don’t view ourselves as more than others.
We don’t treat others as if they were less than us.

Those who view themselves as more than others and treat others as if they were less, they will inevitably diminish the value of Jesus’ invitation to His kingdom, because it challenges the status quo of their pride. 
Party guests are expected to be party hosts.

Luke 14:25-35

The decision to follow Jesus must be a decision of priority.
The decision to follow Jesus must be a process of reflection, not reaction. 
The decision to follow Jesus comes with the weight of responsibility in giving proper testimony of what God is like.

Luke 15:1-32

God loves us unconditionally
There is nothing we can do to make us earn God’s love and favor.
Understanding God’s love and the fact that we can’t earn His love and favor, we are now called to be like the Father, merciful, forgiving, loving

Luke 16:1-13

We ought to be wise/prudent with our resources. We must have foresight and plan ahead. But not only for our own benefit, but for the purpose of being generous towards others.
The use of our resources and possessions is a thermometer as to how mature we are to take bigger responsibilities in the kingdom of god. 

Luke 16:19-31

Our citizenship in the Kingdom of God is rooted in how we live in generosity and compassion, specially to the less fortunate. Not in our church affiliation, not in our knowledge of God, not in the faith of our family members, not in who we know.
The way we choose to live our life here in this world determines our fate. 
The main obstacle to faith and a life dedicated to Christ is not lack of proof, it’s selfishness and self centeredness. 

Luke 17:1-10

A disciple of Jesus, a citizen of the Kingdom will not live their life as a stumbling block to others. We become a stumbling block when we lead others away from God through our actions and way of life.Through our silence in face of injustice. Through our indifference when witnessing oppression. Through our hypocrisy while judging others . Through our taking advantage of the vulnerable. Through our lack of empathy towards the less fortunate
Faith is not about quantity, but about presence.
We ought to serve God with gratitude in mind, not entitlement. 


Fellowship Building Remodel
Our Building Committee has met on several occasions. A proposal will be presented on our upcoming Business Meeting in the end of the month (the date is yet to be determined).

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Feeding the Homeless
June 13, 7:45AM at Coronado Park. For more information contact Al Montes de Oca.

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If you want to have access to a large digital library of video studies for Bible Learning, Marriage, Youth, Children, Finances and many more, please contact pastor Andre or text the church phone number with your name and email.

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