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August 2020 Edition

Church Newsletter


August 1
Pastor Andre Arrais

August 8
Pastor Andre Arrais

August 15
Pastor Andre Arrais

August 22
Pastor Andre Arrais

August 29
Pastor Andre Arrais


August 5 - Anna Santillanes
August 6 - Tracie Leighton
August 13 - Taylor Chavez
August 17 - Chantelle Wagner
              Dale Dodd
              Mahea Dodd
August 21 - Meli Semakula
August 23 - Ken Lytle
August 24 - Amy Leighton
August 26 - Dianne Gurule
              Jonathan Torrez
August 30 - Alayna Avila
August 31 - Seth Wagner


Luke 18:1-8

God’s justice and vindication is certain, but while we wait for its ultimate manifestation, may we keep praying and not lose heart.

We are asked to pray. But what does it mean to pray for justice? Prayer is partnership with God.  So if we pray for justice, we must partner with God for justice.

Luke 18:9-17

When the anchor of our life is placed in God’s mercy and compassion: all reasons for comparison vanish, all thoughts of merit disappear, pride is put aside, humility flourishes. 

Pride and self righteousness are obstacles to a life in the Kingdom. 

Luke 18:18-30

If we had asked Jesus the question about eternal life, what would Jesus have asked us to do?
What has become an obstacle to your allegiance and dependence on Him?
What has prevented you to live a life of generosity and compassion?

As we acknowledge our shortcomings, we must also acknowledge that we cannot overcome them by our own effort. 

Luke 18:31-43

When we lack spiritual insight, we become desensitized to the needs of others. 

Spiritual sight is what we should strive for, because when we have spiritual sight we will learn how to live in the good times and the bad times.


Church Building Remodel

Our church voted at our last business meeting to use the Church Improvement Fund and the Church Fellowship Remodel Project fund to start the remodel phases of the Fellowship Hall as proposed while we have money in those accounts. After using the full amount in these accounts, the Business Meeting will meet again and reevaluate how to move forward with the remainder of the project until completion.

Church Reopening

There is still no set date to reopen the Corrales SDA Church. We will keep you informed when we have new developments. Our Board Meeting will meet again on August 19, and will discuss the matter. If you have any concerns or observations, feel free to contact our pastor.

Do You Have Any Needs?

If you are in need of prayer, a visit or any type of assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact pastor Andre or one of our members/leaders.

Online Giving

Did you know you can give your tithes and offerings online using a debit to credit card? Visit and select the Corrales Seventh-day Adventist Church. You can also download the Adventist Giving App.
If you want to drop off your donation or schedule a pick up, that’s also possible by contacting pastor Andre.

Social Media

If you want to be updated on various church related activities and also watch our online service and sermons, follow us on:




Feeding the Homeless

August 8, 7:45AM at Coronado Park. For more information contact Al Montes de Oca.

One Call Now

If you want to receive Corrales Church text messages to be aware of what’s going on, text the word “alert” to the number 22300.

Right Now Media

If you want to have access to a large digital library of video studies for Bible Learning, Marriage, Youth, Children, Finances and many more, please contact pastor Andre or text the church phone number with your name and email.


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