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Friday Night Prayer Meeting

Your Time Starved Marriage

Friday Night Prayer Meeting

Starting January 10 at 6:30PM we will start a new series for our Friday night Prayer Meeting. The series is called A Time Starved Marriage, and it will be a 6 Part series that will focus on the importance of spending time with our loved ones in the fast paced life we live in. The goal is to end the series on February 14 (Valentine’s Day) with a Valentine’s Dinner. Hopefully we will be able to pull this off. Food will be provided every evening. If you have something you can bring, please bring it. But if you don’t have anything, let that not discourage you from coming. Invite family and friends!

January 10 - Is Your Marriage Slipping Into The Future?
January 17 - Busyness: The Archenemy of Every Marriage
January 24 - Time Styles: Uncovering Your Unique Approach to Time
January 31 - Prioritizing Prime Time, Maximizing Your Moments
February 7 - Time Bandits: Catching Your Time Stealers Red-Handed
February 14 - Time Mines: Where You’re Sure to Strike Gold


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