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The Corrales Seventh-day Adventist Church is located in a high desert oasis, shaded by mature cottonwood trees. Take the time to relax when driving through Corrales village and enjoy the restful pace. When you arrive at the church, get out of your vehicle and take a second to look at the Sandia mountains from a majestic point of view. We love the Lord and are striving to serve him every day. We look forward to... Read More

Study Groups

There are many study groups that meet on Sabbath. Below is a table of study groups. TimeClassLocation9:30-9:50amGeneral Sabbath SchoolMain Sanctuary9:50-11:05amAdults Group 1Main Sanctuary Front9:50-11:05amAdults Group 2Main Sanctuary Back9:50-11:05amChildren ages 0-5Church Classroom9:50-11:05amKindergarten/Primary (Ages 4-8)Church Classroom9:50-11:05amJuniors (Ages 9-12)Church Classroom9:50-11:05amYouth (Ages 13-17)Fellowship Hall Classroom9:50-11:05amYoung Adults (Ages 18-35)Fellowship Hall Foyer9:50-11:05amMixed ClassSVCS Garner Classroom9:50-11:05amMen’... Read More


Visitors are always welcome at our church. When you arrive, greeters will help you find a program that might be best. Our primary meeting time is on Saturdays starting at 9:30am and ending at 12:30pm. After the main church service we provide a vegetarian meal that is especially for visitors. The table below is a general schedule of events for each Sabbath. TimeClassLocation9:30-9:50amGeneral Sabbath SchoolMain Sanctuary9:50-11:05amSabbath School StudyVarious Locations11:15am-12:30pmChurch... Read More


Like other Christians, the Corrales Seventh-day Adventist members and friends assemble weekly to praise and worship God.  We praise God for his mercies exhibited through His Son, Jesus Christ, without whom we would have no hope beyond death and praise Him for His Holy Word, the Bible, without which we would not know Jesus or the Father.  We praise God for the Holy Spirit which has led us to acknowledge Him as our... Read More


Seventh-day Adventists accept the Bible as the only source of our beliefs. We consider our movement to be the result of the Protestant conviction Sola Scriptura—the Bible as the only standard of faith and practice for Christians. Over the years, our church has agreed upon key statements that summarize the principal teachings Seventh-day Adventists understand from the Bible. These statements are made collectively by a group of scholars studying and prayerfully searching the Bible... Read More


We would like to welcome Pastor Mike Razon as the new pastor of the Corrales Seventh-day Adventist Church. Prior to joining the Corrales Church, Pastor Razon pastored the Rio Rancho Seventh-day Adventist Church. He has served as the Young Adult Director for the Texico Conference. Mike graduated from Sandia View Academy and attended Southwestern Adventist University where he majored in Theology. He has an MDiv from Andrews University. Mike is married to Priscilla, who serves... Read More

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